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This community is based on the SGA model, sga_noticeboard and ds_noticeboard and some of the rules have been directly inspired by theirs.

The Smallville Board is the place to make Smallville fiction announcements, post links to your new community, vids, talk about episodes, post recs, and inform other SV fans about Smallville actors appearing at upcoming conventions. Just about anything related to Smallville is accepted and welcomed here. However, please first read the rules before posting. Questions like, "Where can I find this story?" are better directed to other communities like sv_inquiry -- this community is really more for announcements.

Please use the subject line to mark an entry as a "FIC" or "VID" announcement, a "REC" post, a "NEWS" post, or a "DISCUSSION" post. (ie - Episodes posts would be listed in a DISCUSSION post, and a NEWS announcement would be if Michael Rosenbaum was appearing at a local convention).

Please do not post entire stories or discussions here, just links. The Smallville Slash Archive, hosts SV slash stories and is open to slash stories, all pairings. Or you can always link to an entry in your own livejournal to this community.

You must use cut tags for long posts, art or discussion of SV episodes which have just aired (see spoiler policy rules).

Posting rules:

1. Communities: Please post only a single announcement for any new community and please do not cross-post subsequent announcements from that community. The new community should be in some way related to Smallville fandom.

2. Challenges: Please post an initial announcement of the challenge, and then a follow-up announcement after the challenge is completed and when a master list of all the stories has been posted. Please do not post challenges that are a regular part of a community.

3. Spoiler Policy: If your post contains any spoilers for any episode or the upcoming season, regardless of whether or not the episode has already aired in your part of the world, a spoiler warning MUST be included. All spoilers must be hidden below a cut-tag and marked in the subject line. For example: DISCUSSION: season finale (spoilers).

4. Fiction announcements: Please include the following the subject line when posting a story:
Title, Pairing(s), Rating

Example: FIC: Clark and Lex Get Married, Clark/Lex, NC-17

And use the following format in the body of your post:

Title of Story:
Author's Notes:

If you have an upcoming spoiler in your story for a new SV episode that hasn't aired yet, please put a 'Spoiler' in the warnings section of your post. Many fans in other parts of the world do not get the episodes as they air in the United States, but weeks later...so be considerate for people who don't want to be spoiled.

*I would define warnings as: death, rape, and incest. I call them the 'Big Three.' If you would prefer not to list a warning as you feel it would spoil your story, then do not list it at the top in the warnings section of your post but at the bottom, after the body of your story.

If you do this, please place the following in the warning section in the body of your post: Warning, scroll down. Then, at the bottom of your post, after your story put either: rape, incest or death of major character.

RPS fiction announcements that includes Smallville actors can also be posted. Please tag the story: fiction AND rps.

The goal of this community is to be a centralized notice board to point Smallville fans in the direction of things that interest them. Please be respectful when posting announcements. When posting, please make sure that you are only linking to publicly-available material and not friends-locked posts.

You can announce your own work here, and please encourage other Smallville fans to do the same.

Lastly, please use the community tags when making posts. Cut-tags are as follows: news, spoilers, discussion, fiction, rps, icons, vids, challenges, communities, and recs.

But most of all enjoy the board and have fun!

All moderator questions and concerns should be directed to: m_lasha and drkcherry.





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